Semana Santa Luxury Experience

Live unforgettable moments like any other Sevillian.

Semana Santa Luxury Experience

About us

Semana Santa Luxury Experience born with the aim of being able to show, to whoever wants it, Holy Week in Seville in all its magnitude, according to the customs and traditions of the city.

You will be able to contemplate, every day, the passage of all or several of the processions through the most spectacular corners, having the most detailed information about each procession and, in general, about Holy Week in Seville.

Live it in the most authentic way.

Enjoy Holy Week in Seville like any other Sevillian, let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere in its streets and squares, the color of the city in spring, the sounds of bugles and drums and the recollection and creaking of silver or wood, the smell of incense and orange blossom and the flavor of the typical dishes of our Andalusian cuisine.

A 360º experience for the senses that you will not be able to forget, with the help of official and specialized Tourist Guides who collaborate with Semana Santa Luxury Experience, which will provide you with all the information necessary to enter, in all detail, in the tradition and customs of our popular religiosity.